The Foh Fum Legends are a series of novels
written by: William Andrew Mudie
The London Bus
on the Q.T.


Corruption and despotic management is exposed within the corridors of power when Wanna Fairgo seeks permission to drive his original London Bus. But his failure to pay a bribe to the Transport Inspectors sees brutal treatment meted out. Single mothers are forensically interrogated and disciplined. Hava Fairgo is physically assaulted. Suffering a stroke, Needsa Brake finds herself in intensive care, and Wanna Fairgo is hit with sixteen criminal charges. Libel, slander, falsification of evidence, and entrapment techniques cover up scams and maladministration. Wanna Fairgo and his family face bankruptcy and a life of penury. What happens at the trial is astounding.

  Based of a true story in Queensland Australia  


‘There are three of them involved,' said Larry Fixx. ‘Two at Grumble and another higher up the food chain. Maybe more.' ‘How much do they want?' I clutched the mobile handset and quickly walked into the garage out of earshot of Hava. ‘Don't want to talk on the phone,' said Fixx nervously. ‘Where are you? Come over if you want.' Fixx hung up. No sooner had I replaced the handset than it rang again. ‘Hi, it's Whistle Blower.' ‘Yeah, mate,' I said itching to hear what he had to say. ‘Firkin Lyre just got back from a meeting in Head Office and I overheard him say to Ivar Screwloose that you've given up.' The voice on the other end of the line chuckled. ‘They reckon you're beaten. Dead in the water. Calling you a clown.' Whistle Blower hung up. Thirty minutes later, Fixx arrived in his covered-in ute. Steam billowed from under the hood. ‘Bloody thing,' cursed Fixx flicking the bonnet catch and releasing the hood. He grabbed a cloth and whipped off the radiator cap, quickly jumping back as steam and water jetted into the air. ‘Yeah, there are three of them that the bikers know about. The boys are finding out more.' Fixx filled the green plastic watering can, started the engine and began re-filling the radiator. ‘I don't like it,' I replied taking a sip of tea. ‘That's how it works with these blokes. I'm told they want two and a half grand each to leave you alone, mate. Five grand for the compliance bloke up-stream.' ‘Look Fixx, give me a couple of days to think about it.' The phone rang inside the house. Hava answered. ‘Industrial Relations,' said Hava, her hand over the mouth piece. ‘They're working on my case.' ‘I'll give you a call tomorrow,' said Fixx forcing his huge shoulders back into the ute. He backed up, turned, and wheels spinning, drove out of the gate.

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