The Foh Fum Legends are a series of novels
written by: William Andrew Mudie
The Magwitch



Embroiled with ladies, petty crime and murder, Magwitch is incarcerated in a Napoleonic prison hulk. Having escaped, he befriends young Pip on Christmas day but is recaptured and transported to New South Wales . He builds a massive fortune and sends money back to train Pip to become his gentleman. Desperate to see Pip again, Magwitch illegally returns to England , is recaptured, and dies in prison. The Crown moves to confiscate his fortune, but lawyer Jaggers intervenes on behalf of Estella and Pip who travel to Australia and take up the Crown gauntlet to find and win back the Magwitch fortunes.


  The sequel to Charles Dickens' Great Expectations  


‘Fool, why didn't you get out of my way? I'd have killed the bastard,' cursed Hath through the clearing smoke. Wheezing, Larnach grovelled at the waters edge. He struggled out of the creek and up the bank, his left hand reached across to support his arm hanging limp from his shoulder. Blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. ‘Shoot the bugger,' shouted Poole following Hath's lead. ‘Fire again. I'll make sure you'll never get another man flogged.' Poole fired the second shot. The ball struck Larnach in the left calf muscle tearing away a chunk of flesh, instantly dropping him to the ground. ‘Fire again. Let's settle him. He's almost finished.' Reilly blasted off the third shot creasing the side of Larnach's skull and ripping off the lobe of his left ear. Blood ran down Larnach's cheek and dripped from his chin as he continued crawling up the opposite bank. ‘Fire again. Let's follow him,' shouted Ryan. Larnach disappeared into the scrub at the top of the bank. ‘No, take care of your powder and ball. It's almost finished,' shouted Perry. ‘Settle him with a bloody knife,' cursed Hath in frustration. Reloading, Hath spurred his horse down the bank. Poole and Reilly followed. ‘He's mine,' growled Hath in a thick gravel voice. His horse entered the water and began crossing the creek. Poole and Reilly waited. Magwitch slipped behind two of the convicts and reached for Larnach's flintlock. It gave a heavy click as he pulled back the frizzen. He swung round and pointed the muzzle at Hath's back. ‘Yous done enough bad business ‘ere,' growled Magwitch. ‘The federals'll be hunting yous down like rabid dogs.'

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