The Foh Fum Legends are a series of novels
written by: William Andrew Mudie
Cannibal Islands



Born in 1825, our hero, William Brown, pioneers the mass production of jute in the huge weaving mills of Dundee, Scotland. Sacked for challenging management, he is brought to the attention of Queen Victoria by Highland Gillie and confidant, John Brown, and is later dispatched to the tropical Islands of the Feejees to convert the heathen peoples and their infamous cannibal Chief. On his travels, Brown meets and falls in love with Lilly who is dispatched from London to Delhi, India, just as the Indian mutiny breaks out leaving Brown alone on the satanic islands in the South Seas.


  Horrendous events which took place in the mid 1800s  


‘Four big Feejaan natives dragged poor Paceli over to that big palm tree. And while they tied him up, a bunch of others lit the cannibal oven. Only one fire, there are about ten of them, that's those long heaps of stones over there.' Paddy pointed to the parallel rows of fire-blackened rocks. Nervously, he scratched himself in the crotch. ‘Whilst the fire was heating the stones, they kept tormenting Paceli. They crushed the poor wretch's hands and feet by hammering them between two rocks, and then sliced off his eyelids with a sharp clamshell.' Paddy scratched himself before continuing, his voice serious and his face clouded with the memory. Harry turned pale at the thought of meeting with the same fate should he upset king Dreketi. ‘The shock must have nearly killed him,' suggested Harry ‘Not a bit of it, he just lay there trussed up like a turkey, intermittently writhing and screaming for mercy. It meant nothing to the chief. Eventually the other natives, working on the oven, announced that the Lovo was ready. Guess what they did next?' quizzed Paddy frowning, his attention drawn to the boys who had retrieved the pig. Harry shrugged his shoulders. ‘Go on,' groaned Harry, his mouth open in abject horror of what was to come. Asenaca dropped her eyes to the ground in shame. ‘They wrapped his body in big green pandanus leaves, all except his head. Then they picked him up, still very much alive and kicking, and dumped him on top of the red-hot stones. His head jammed between two specially selected rocks scorching his ears. I could smell his skin and curly hair roasting from here.'

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